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Subcontrax: The ultimate tool for subcontractor administration.

The lack of reliable cost data, lost through manual collection, costs construction companies financially. Subcontrax consolidates all your construction project’s data on a single, centralised platform and provides complete project visibility at every step – giving you greater insight and enabling you to work more efficiently, effectively and collaboratively.

Turn your construction project data into valuable information!

By making on-site processes more efficient and controlled, Subcontrax simplifies and optimises subcontract administration, and captures and utilises vast amounts of hidden data to optimise the way you build, improve commercial performance and maximise profits.

Take the guesswork out of the picture by automatically capturing accurate market-tested cost data throughout historic package procurement.

Reduce the administrative burden.

Manual processes are bought online for greater control and to afford users more time to add value and reduce costs

Compare performance.

Project teams score each subcontractor within the software, allowing you to compare performance.

Data-driven decision-making

No need to rely solely on experience and negotiation when you can use the cost database to make informed decisions.

Reduce costs.

Business wide insight into spend allows you to see exactly where margins are being eroded, allowing for more effective procurement on future projects


Improved efficiencies.

With all subcontract administration processes actioned, tracked and automated using one shared platform, the entire process becomes more auditable, controlled and efficient.

Take account of variations.

With variations instructed within the software, main contractors can see what additional costs were incurred on previous projects.

Cost optimisation.

Use historic cost data to identify cost-inefficiencies, possible alternatives and potential anomalies to reduce costs and ensure best value.

Predictive analysis (Coming Soon!).

By using the Leakfinder and forecasting tools together, you can identify what could go wrong with a work package and take action before it does.

Work in real time.

Readily available cost and programme knowledge allows for the early detection of any issues and provides greater visibility and gives overseeing managers greater control.

Live projects.

With commencement and completion notices automatically issued within the platform, you can keep track of every subcontractor.

Insights and analytics.

Data captured by the platform enables you to optimize cost management processes and support various business intelligence, analytics and data science scenarios.

Network effects.

Gain invaluable knowledge from across the business, rapidly upskilling the whole workforce.


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