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Precontrax: The next generation of cost control software.

When a project calls for something more than a simple spreadsheet, Precontrax, our easy-to-use cost-planning and tender estimating platform is there to give construction cost consultants total control over every aspect of the construction procurement and supply chain management process.

Improved commercial performance for cost consultants!

By accelerating the efficiency gains throughout, Precontrax digitises key processes including single and two-stage tendering, cost management and cost benchmarking in order giving cost consultants complete overviews, insights and analytics to improve their commercial performance and deliver better outcomes.

Our single-stage tendering function facilitates all tendering activity between Cost Consultants and Main Contractors within a single shared platform, providing you with a much more collaborative experience and an efficient and fully auditable tendering process.

Take the guesswork out of the picture by automatically capturing accurate market-tested cost data through our tendering solutions or add your own historic estimates to support projected costs of current and future construction schemes.

Provides data driven insights.

Our Single Stage tendering solution allows cost consultants to collect and store cost data at an elemental level. Tendered projects can easily be compared against similar projects within the cost database to identify areas of overspend

Provides data driven insights.

Our two-stage tendering function allows cost consultants to collect and store cost data at the most level, enabling them to easily compare similar projects and identify areas of overspend.

Insights and analytics.

Data captured by our digital tools enables you to optimize cost management processes and support various business intelligence, analytics and data science scenarios.

Design to budget.

Allow our solution to do the heavy lifting in producing cost plans for different scenarios, ensuring a design that meets the clients budget


One platform, multiple tools.

As all tendering activity is processed through one shared platform, the entire process becomes more efficient and more easily auditable.

Promotes collaboration and transparency.

As all enquiries, correspondence, tender returns and package analyses are stored on a single shared online platform, the tender process becomes completely transparent and collaborative.

Benefit from cost optimisation.

Get greater insight and ensure best value on current and future projects by using captured data from previous projects.

Risk Reduction.

Our cost-planning tool utilises the market-tested cost database, adjusted for time and location, reducing the risk of last-minute budgetary issues.

Structured Pricing.

As main contractors enter costs directly into the software, it allows cost consultants to easily compare like-for-like tenders.

Work with real-time knowledge.

The ability to track the performance of tendered package costs against the cost plan in real-time allows for the early detection and rectification of any issues.

Data-driven decision-making.

No need to solely rely on experience and negotiation when you can use the cost database to make informed decisions.

Detect abnormalities and anomalies.

Adjust the automated cost plan to account for project or site abnormalities and identify cost anomalies against other projects.


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